Our Team

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We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with a variety of people and support them through one of the most important moments of their life. Humor, compassion and commonsense are the hallmarks of our style. Whether you are seeking an natural childbirth with limited medical intervention or the availability of epidural anesthesia during labor, our midwives will work as a your partner to create the best birth experience for you.

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Ronni Rothman, CNM

Ronni became a Nurse Midwife because it provides the opportunity to do the things she loves most: supporting, teaching, and empowering women to make positive choices in their lives. She has over 22 years of experience attending over 1000 births.  Both of Ronni’s sons were born into the hands of a midwife here in Philadelphia.

Ronni has a BA in Sociology from Brandeis University, and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan. After working in public policy and international settings on behalf of women and women’s health, she went back to school to receive her BS in Nursing and an MSN in Nurse-Midwifery at the University of Pennsylvania. She has owned WomanWise since 2006.



Emma Hong, CNM

Emma's care emphasizes "Cura Personalis" or care of the whole person. She became a CNM because it allows her to support, collaborate with, and empower her clients to reach their healthiest potential — during their childbearing years and throughout their lifespan. Through this, she places emphasis not just on the physical needs of women, but on those that make her a whole person — her mind, spirit and family.

Emma earned her BSN from Georgetown University and spent her last 8 years as a NICU nurse at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Emma returned to Georgetown University for her Master’s degree where she obtained a dual certification in Nurse-Midwifery and Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. Emma, herself, was born into the hands of a midwife and is thrilled to be on the other side welcoming new little ones into the world.


Jennyfer Floyd, CNM

Jennyfer's path towards midwifery began with her own GYN care, when she had a CNM who took time to listen to her and treated her as a partner in her care.  She became a Nurse Midwife to provide individualized care to women throughout the lifespan so that they might feel as empowered as she did.

Jennyfer obtained her nursing degree at Montgomery County Community College and Ohio University.  After working as a postpartum and neonatal nurse at Einstein Montgomery, she earned her Masters in Midwifery from Philadelphia University. During that time she spent two semesters at Womanwise.  She is ecstatic to be back with the community that helped make her a midwife.